Welcome to my author site. This is a really big step and while part of me is a teeny bit (ok quite a bit) terrified, I’m resting in knowing that this is what the Lord would have me do, so there’s no better place to be.

Oh, before I forget, thank you for checking this site out. Even if you don’t like it (although I hope you do) or find it useful (I pray that you do), I’m delighted you stopped by today.

I love a few things – family, friends, the Green Bay Packers, baking, playing guitar, skiing and words. Words set to music, words in a screenplay, words spoken on the radio or read out loud to children, words on a page. I really love words written by some particular writers and I plan on sharing about that too.

Then there’s Jesus. I believe in and love Jesus with all my heart, so my plan is to combine the top list of loves with Jesus and put all my heart, soul and mind into that endeavor. What happens next is in His hands and fully out of mine.

So I’m going to blog about all those topics and share links and take prayer requests. This might get messy, but our God is an expert at cleaning up.

I really hope you’re with me as this thing unfolds.


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