If you’re going to be spending some time in the ER and need a great distraction, look no further! After being stretchered off a mountain in Vermont, I returned to Virginia and my next stop was the hospital to get checked out. Braced for a long wait, I had my husband raid my TBR (to be read) pile and grab one of my Christmas gifts.

They say misery loves company and as I sat, somewhat tearfully at first, I found myself totally distracted by Taryn Young, whose week was going even more south than mine. Just minutes away from jetting off on her dream honeymoon, a bomb rips through the airport and when she comes too in the hospital, her new husband is nowhere to be found, despite being at the top of the FBI’s suspect list.

The thing about DiAnn Mills is that she is romantic suspense royalty. I knew I’d be sucked in within seconds and I wasn’t disappointed. The twists and turns come thick and fast from start to finish and it’s hard not to get emotional whiplash from dodging them.

But even in the midst of scrambling for their lives, Taryn and FBI Special Agent Grayson Hall made me pause to consider the role of faith in their lives. While my honeymoon was thankfully void of a bombing, we were out in the Maldives during the tsunami of 2004 so I could relate somewhat to Taryn’s trauma.

Along with being a master weaver of plots, Mills is also a great painter of characters and she captures her main players really well. Long before the midpoint I felt I knew Agent Hall and would trust him with my life.

Somehow between the bombing and the closing pages, we see death and destruction, heartache and grief but also love and redemption, renewal and growing of faith and the beauty that only Jesus can create from ashes.

If you like Christian romantic suspense, or have a trip to the ER coming up, DiAnn Mills is undoubtedly your go to. Thankfully this is the first of three books in the Houston FBI series, so as I go for rehab on my torn ACL, I have plenty more company to look forward to.


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