Imperfect Justice by Cara Putman

Isn’t it really fun to pick up a book you already know you’re going to enjoy? That’s how I felt when “Imperfect Justice” arrived in my mailbox. I’ve read one of Cara Putman’s contemporary romances, a historical fiction work and a Christmas novella and been a tiny bit sad when I reached the end of each one. So I knew even before I picked this novel up that I was in for a treat.

It’s worth noting that this is book two of a three book series but completely works as a standalone novel. I haven’t read book one (Beyond Justice), but I certainly will now.

My instincts were correct, Imperfect Justice is a great book. I especially liked how we got a good sense of who each of the main characters is, before we see them together. I like the solidity that Reid projected, and despite some vulnerability, how strong Emily was, especially when fighting for other people.

The plot was another strong point. While it began with an absolute bang (by the end of chapter one I was thinking “Oh boy, here we go,”) the twists and turns kept coming and blended perfectly with the legal elements of the story. There were several unexpected events too and (without giving anything away) the Jordan storyline seemed chillingly accurate.

Finally, being a resident of Northern Virginia, it was really fun to read a book set in and around DC. While a good author can always make you imagine their setting, it’s a little bit special to picture the actual place.

I only ever blog about books I’ve really loved and this one slots nicely into that category. If you’d enjoy a good complex legal drama with a side of palpable chemistry then this should be next on your TBR (to be read) pile.

You can grab it on Amazon or read an excerpt and decide for yourself here…


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